Royal Australian Artillery Association

of Western Australia (Inc)



“Sit Nomen Decus”

( Let the name be an honour ).







         The Annual General Meetings of the Royal Australian Artillery Association WA (Inc) will be held at the Alf Adams Pavilion,

          Solomon Street Mosman Park on Saturday 7th March 2020:


          RAA A WA- members register at 0900 for 0930 hrs meeting 


         All Members are urged to attend.

 Agenda for the Meetings will include:

 1.      Reports – President, Treasurer

             2.      Notices of Motion (where submitted)

                                                                                         3.       General Business

                                                                                 4.       Election of Office Bearers


          Notices of motion must be signed by the Proposer and the Seconder, and are to be lodged with the Secretary seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

 Nominations for election to the Management Committee are available from the RAA Assn Secretary shall be submitted and lodged with the Secretary before the Meeting is declared open. Each nomination shall be endorsed with the signatures of the Nominee, Proposer and Seconder. 

 Morning Tea refreshments will be available at the meetings.



 ANZAC Day – 25th April 2020

 Gunner Day Guildford - 1st of November 2020

 Feast of St Barbara Dinner – 4th of December 2020




Embroidered Beret & Pocket Badges

SALE PRICE of $10.

Please send money and details to

Secretary RAAA of WA Inc

Post Office Box 881


WA 6910



Committee 2018 / 19

President Lt Col. Bob Farrelly

Vice President Maj. Peter Mahoney

Secretary Maj. John Blylevens

Treasurer VACANT

Committee Ken Hepworth

Committee Wendy Mahoney

Committee Raymond Kennedy

Committee Rob Coales



The objects of the Association are to:-


(a) To foster linkages of the Artillery Associations of Western Australia and Australia.


(b) To erect or assist in the erection and maintenance of memorials to Artillerymen.


(c) To provide assistance to members in case of distress through the use of Royal Australian Artillery Association of Western Australia (Inc.) Welfare Fund.


(d) To foster comradeship and esprit de corps.


(e) To take an interest in and encourage the Artillery Trainee.


(f) To further the interest and prosperity of the Association in all its phases.


(g) To organise and foster Gunners Day (the nearest Sunday to the 11th of November) and other memorial services.


(h) To ensure that the property and income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects or purpose of the Association and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members of the Association, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects or purposes.


Application Form to join our association can be downloaded HERE